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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a term used to describe how a business embraces the responsibility of its actions, and how it seeks to improve its positive impact on employees, customers, supply chain, communities and the environment. This is achieved by investing in people, innovations and services that makes the entire organisation compliant with the law and help it to attain to the highest levels of ethical standards.


People – We value our people and are therefore dedicated to the development of our employees and their wellbeing. We ensure that there are opportunities for training and professional development, as well as enabling more flexible working and improving physical and emotional welfare. We are also committed to and ensuring Health and Safety standards are met.


Marketplace – We provide a quality service at a competitive price to clients, whilst ensuring that there is honesty and integrity in business conduct across our supplier and sub-contractor base at all times.


Communities – We are committed to ensuring that we reduce disruption wherever possible, but we are committed to increasing positive impacts on communities. For example,sponsoring local football teams or going into schools to give presentations to local school children explaining the works and hazards associated with same.


Environment – We constantly seek to reduce the risk of global impacts such as climate change and waste to landfill, by reducing our carbon dioxide (CO2) gas emissions and improving recycling and waste management. We also carefully consider how our sites impact on local wildlife.


The company recently assisted local residents in the Kilnamanagh Area. Please see the link below.

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