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Directional Drilling

Horizontal Direction Drilling is a trenchless method of installing piping and cable systems underground along a predetermined path by the use of highly specialised drilling equipment.


This approach to drilling provides a great way of installing pipes and cables where conventional open cut methods are not permitted, practical, environmentally or economically viable.


This is an ideal solution in built up urban areas or where various obstacles prevent pipework installations running smoothly and often mean costs or delays spiral out of control.


By using trenchless methods we can save costs, lessen the environmental impact and ensure that the general publics and our operative’s exposure to potential hazards are significantly reduced.



Micro Tunnelling

The micro tunnelling method is very friendly on the environment because of its cleaner process. Techniques used in the micro tunnelling and pipe jacking process ensure quantities of both incoming and outgoing materials are reduced significantly. Not only is this less harsh on the surrounding environment, but it boosts the safety benefits for the workers too.


Combined with pipe jacking techniques, the micro tunnelling method is one of the most environmentally friendly and safer underground construction process. Because open cut trench construction normally has to follow existing pipe utilities, roadways and other unobstructed surface, micro tunnelling offers a trenchless construction that protects the environment rather than destroys it.


In trenchless construction, almost all micro tunnels and pipe jacks are installed between a drive shaft and reception shaft. In order to prevent environmental contamination and the ingress of water into the pipeline, a reception arrangement has to be designed to ensure the exit points are out of the ground or set under water. Micro tunnelling innovations are specifically designed to use the right size drive shafts to promote a successful pipe installation at virtually any depth, through any soil type with as little disruption to the surrounding environment.




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